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Professional Courtesy:
Federal and state regulations prohibit offering "professional courtesy testing"; therefore, we cannot honor requests for this service.

Medicare and HCFA topics relevant to our profession:

Since the interpretation and enforcement of policies varies among insurance providers, we urge all vascular laboratories to consult their own Medicare insurance provider. A list of Medicare Part A and Part B carriers may be obtained by contracting the HFCA website at

Healthcare News

  1. HHS-OIG: Safe Harbor Regulations and Preambles

  2. ULTRASOUND IS NOW BACK TO GENERAL PHYSICIAN SUPERVISION. (We can do ultrasounds without a doctor in the office area!) 4/24/01

  3. Louisiana Medicare Policy Notice

  4. STARK II  (Published October 99)

  5. ATTN: Louisiana providers to Medicare Patients
    at the DRVT Current issues conference held July 7-8, 2000 we learned..... 
         ALL (ultrasound) procedures must be either performed by, or under the direct supervision of, persons that have demonstrated minimum entry level competency by being credentialed in the specific type of procedure being performed.
         If not ... it could be viewed as a  "False Claim"   for details read LA Medicare Newsletter. Speak to your local Medicare field representative today! 

  6. Final rule for physician supervision of ultrasound studies were announced by Medicare in August 2000.

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