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MP 3000 CD-Recorder

mp_3000.jpg (247274 bytes)The Datavideo MP-3000 is the world's first stand-alone video recorder which can record top-quality MPEG2 DVD video and audio on common, low-cost CD-R and CD-RW discs. The Datavideo MP-3000 CD-Recorder discs will play back on the CP-100 Player, PC Laptops, many DVD players as well as the recorder itself.

CD Recorder Features
  • Record DVD quality video and audio onto a CD-R or CD-RW in real-time
  • Several Recording Formats to choose from, VCD, HQVCD, SVCD, cdDVD, DVD-Photo
  • Next Track/Previous Track function for quick access to any track
  • Wireless Remote/ Hand Switch and Foot Switch Controls
  • True One Button recording
  • Last Track Erase function for CD-RW disc recording
  • Crystal Clear Pause function
  • Two microphone inputs for narration during exams
  • EMI/Safety approval with UL, CSA, CE and FCC
  • Review in variety of playback systems, PC Laptop and Desktop Computers and dedicated review stations as well as the Recorder itself
  • RGB, S-Video and Composite Outputs
  • Stereo Audio Inputs and Outputs
CD Recorder Specifications
  • Recorder Disc Type
    CD-R, CD-R/W 650MB/700MB

  • Audio CD sampling rate
    44.1KHz, 16bit CD quality

  • Video format
    CCIR601 NTSC cdDVD
    NTSC 704x480 at 30fps
    Bit rate at 5Mb/sec
  • DVD-Photo
    NTSC 704x480 at 30fps
    Bit rate at 2.4Mb/sec

  • S-VCD video resolution
    NTSC 352x480 at 30fps
    Bit rate at 2.4Mb/sec
  • HQ-VCD video resolution
    NTSC 352x240 at 30fps
    Bit rate at 2.4Mb/sec
  • VCD video resolution
    NTSC 352x240 at 30fps
    Bit rate at 1.15Mb/sec
  • Weight
    9.3lbs / 4.2kg


  • Video inputs
    Y/C(S-Video) mini DIN
    CVBS (Video) RCA
    Optional DV (IEEE1394/i-Link)
  • Video Outputs
    Y/C(S-Video) mini DIN
    CVBS (Video) RCA
    Y.U.V. Sony Betacam BNC
    Y.U.V. Mastushita M2 BNC
    R.G.B. BNC
  • Digital Audio Input
    S/PDIF 44.1KHz, 16bit CD quality

  • Audio Inputs
    Stereo RCA 20Hz 20KHz

  • Audio Outputs
    Stereo RCA 20Hz 20KHz

  • Microphone input
    Two dynamic microphone inputs, 600 ohm

  • Power supply
    115230VAC, 50/60Hz selectable

  • Dimension
    16.1x3.6 x11.8inches (WxHxD) (410 x92mm x300)


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