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Vascular Laboratory Accreditation Solutions
For the Gulf Coast Region

We at Pinnacle are experienced in providing our clients with vascular laboratory set-up, accreditation and a program of interim tracking to maintain accreditation. Louisiana Medicare Part B mandates laboratory accreditation* in order to receive reimbursement for vascular ultrasound procedures performed in any facility in Louisiana. Once your vascular lab has achieved accreditation, Pinnacle can help you maintain it through a program of interim tracking and quality assurance. Our support programs include:

  • Telephone Support
    Quality assurance consulting
  • Interim Tracking Support
    Guided self-assessment program to maintain ICAVL accreditation and telephone support
  • Premiere Support
    Comprehensive ICAVL accreditation setup and interim tracking

By maintaining your laboratory accreditation, in addition to the reimbursement issue, you will benefit from:

  • Patient Confidence and Community Loyalty
  • A Competitive Edge
  • Employment Opportunities

Our aim is to design a cost-effective program that best suits your particular situation. For more information, call us today at 1-800-469-2246 or 985-674-2801.

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